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What We Do

Durham Applied Robotics and Technologies provides bars, clubs, and events with the technology they need to solve their greatest problems; from apps to robotic bartenders.

We work alongside our target market to develop solutions that are tailor-made to our customers. Costs are minimised and safety ensured through the use of pre-manufactured parts. We endeavour to ensure machine reliability through rigorous testing both in the workshop and in the field.

Our Aims

We want to revolutionise the way that drinks are sold in the UK and EU. We aim to leverage the talent, creativity, and drive of Durham students alongside the recent boom in hobbyist electronics to automate processes that have remained unchanged or unchallenged for hundreds of years.

Our goal is to create a fully automated bar that will showcase all of our technology: from smartphone applications to robotic bartenders we want to build the smartest bar in the world.



The Robotic Bartender

Our flagship product allows customers to become their own bartender. Through an intuitive touchscreen interface users can find their perfect drink, whether it be from the usual menu or crafted from scratch, pay at the point of service through the inbuilt card or cash reader, and watch their cocktail be made before their eyes.

Currently we’re in the design and prototyping stage of Dionysus’ production, making sure that the final product lives up to its potential. If you have any questions about the machine then don’t hesitate to send us a message.

Robotic Worker

Dionysus is now any bar’s best staff member: never late, never tiring, and knows that one cocktail you really like. In fact, robots always get the order right and can make the most simple of actions look cool. Dionysus is incredibly flexible too; able to provide a bar system for any environment, whether it be a children’s party or a packed nightclub.

Measured Intelligence

Dionysus’ software allows it to keep track of everything a bar owner would ever want to know. Stock-checking is done automatically and the machine will give you a shout next time you need to replace any of the bottles. The software also keeps track of consumer trends, allowing bars to plan effectively for the future and maximise profit.

Ruthless Efficiency

Durham Applied Robotics & Technologies has built Dionysus around the needs of bar and club owners. We work alongside several industry experts in Durham to ensure that our product impresses them as much as their customers.

  • Wastage Reduction 90%
  • Drinks Margin Increase 40%
  • Training Time Reduction 70%
  • Speed of Service Increase 30%

The Team

Caleb Bond

Caleb Bond

Director of Design and Engineering

Benedict O'Donovan

Benedict O'Donovan

Managing Director

Jonathan Strawson

Jonathan Strawson

Head of Marketing & Sales

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